Established in Karachi in 1978, The City School is today one of the largest private school networks across the globe.

Having more than 500 schools with over 150,000名学生, we continue to expand our reach in other countries including United Arab Emirates, 马来西亚, 菲律宾, 阿曼和沙特阿拉伯, to meet the demands for quality education as well as to ensure a strong global presence.

The knowledge and skills-based curriculum derived from the UK national curriculum guides students from Nursery to Cambridge International 考试 (CAIE), qualifying them for the IGCSE, and O and 一个水平 examinations.

课程 & 学术哲学

Graduates from The City School secure positions in top universities worldwide. 我们的学生, according to Cambridge Assessment International 考试 annual results analysis, are amongst the highest achievers in their city, 他们的国家和, 在某些情况下, 在这个世界上. The curriculum encourages a student-centered approach where learners have an active role in their learning process and develop the skills and ability to make a significant contribution to society. Its particular strength lies in the integration of digital media and ICTs in an array of learning programmes. The City School provides more than 120 courses each year across the age ranges and revises them in accordance with the cumulative experience of its teachers and pupils. The selection of teachers is based on their experience as curriculum developers and syllabus writers. 除了, we regularly appoint curriculum consultants from the UK to lead teams of The City School teachers in revising their curriculum and syllabi. The City School curriculum and methodology is designed specifically to ensure a smooth transition in teaching and learning from the primary sector through the middle years and on to the final two years of the public examinations’ syllabi. Digital media and ICTs in The City School Network are shaping the methodology of delivering online education and adding efficiency, 方便, interactivity and outreach to the array of learning programmes we offer. The City School has taken the initiative of implementing a state-of-the-art Classroom/ Learning Management System capable of providing its students with academic resources anytime, 在任何地方, 在任何情况下. The City School promotes and encourages co-curricular activities in all of its campuses. Students are encouraged to learn new skills, 承担责任, 承担领导, 在领导下工作, 组织活动, conduct programmes and experience real-life situations.

The City School Facilities


All purpose-built campuses provide the essential academic and recreational facilities.


Practical classrooms are available for art, science, design, technology and music lessons.


Science laboratories are equipped with modern scientific equipment to facilitate practical work necessary for senior examinations.


State-of-the-art computer labs provide access to advanced interactive technology throughout our schools at all stages. Students are acquainted with Information and Communications Technology at grass-roots level. The latest software as per the requirements of IGCSE curriculum is also available for students.

TCS Libraries are run by qualified and experienced librarians. Our well stocked libraries support the curriculum programmes in our schools while encouraging students to carry out their own research work.

艺术 & 音乐

Art is the medium of instruction at primary level and is also thoroughly enjoyed by students at the middle school level.

Music is offered as a subject at various levels and is an important component of our Early Years Programme.


Millennia ago, Socrates claimed that, “To say ‘I know’ is to close one’s mind to knowledge”. Channelling that spirit at The City School, our motto is ‘I Am To Learn’, because we too believe that learning is limitless. We aim to develop each one of our students into true learners, individuals who always seek to broaden their perspective and to face life’s challenges with courage and conviction.

For us, education is a pursuit that goes far beyond a qualification. While we aim to help our students excel in the course they are studying, we also hope to instil in them a thirst for learning throughout their lives.  At The City School, our teachers, students, and parents work together to realise this goal.




Continuous Human Resource Development